Benefits at a Glance

Auto Populates Client Data

We have custom fields in our system that capture client eligibility, waiting periods and employer contributions. This information is automatically fed into our Benefits at a Glance. Again, no double entry and error potential. Client logos are easily uploaded into Salesforce for client identification and branding. This logo will automatically import into our Benefits at a Glance for a client branded booklet.

Carrier Contacts and Plan Summaries

Sold policies are entered into Salesforce with the carrier name, plan design name, and policy number. These fields are also automatically imported into our Benefits at a Glance so there is no data entry errors or missing information from cutting and pasting. Carrier contact information and website addresses are entered by a Master Administrator and those fields are not editable. When selecting a carrier, this information is automatically transferred to the booklet again to ensure consistency and reduce the likelihood for error.

Marketing Material for All

Most Agencies only create Benefits Booklets for their larger clients, and even then, with some reluctance. With our system, you literally can create a Benefits at a Glance with a click of a button. So now you can create accurate, custom booklets for ALL your clients, large and small. And have the confidence that the information being distributed is clean and accurate.

Improve Client Retention

Designating a cut off for paying Producers each pay period may not sync with the receipt of commissions. Because of the potential delay in payment of commissions, it is imperative to tracking the payment of commissions not just the posting of commissions. Our system allows you to designate which commissions have been posted but not paid and reports are available to make sure you are paying your Producers their much deserved commissions.


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