Market Proposal System

Custom Broker Branding!

Is it hard to stand out against the competition? With heavily regulated small group plans and rates, it is a challenge to leave an impression with a potential client. Making your market proposal UNIQUE with a one-of-a kind layout and structure is critical to branding your firm and leaving a lasting impression. Create your own look and feel and we will upload it into our system. Then each and every market proposal will have your custom branding to present a consistent message to your current clients and new prospects.


Census Import Capabilities

Either import a census from Excel or track your employee enrollments throughout the year directly within Salesforce. Census imports have a “search and replace” function so you won’t have duplicate employee data entered. Our system allows for different elections for medical, dental and vision policies.


Carrier Plan Designs

No more redundant data entry of plan design summaries. Master level users will enter or import the plan design specifications once and those fields will be locked from editing for all other administrators. This allows for consistent plan summary definitions and greatly reduces errors. Administrators will then have access to pull the set plan summaries into their market proposals and Benefits at a Glance employee workbook.


Dental and Vision Plans Included

Significantly increase your dental and vision sales by automatically including these policies in EVERY market proposal. You no longer need to worry about sending out an RFP (Request for Proposal) for dental and vision. We have included our standard pricing on the most popular Delta Dental plans and VSP Vision plans in the market.


New Business Template

Do you tend to show new business prospects the same plans with each proposal? We saw the trend so we duplicated the process! Send each of these prospects a new business market proposal with a range of Bronze, Silver and Gold plans from each carrier. Simply click a button and this new business template will be created. Clean and clear with a nice range of options to start the conversation! PLUS, you will impress the client with being able to send them a market proposal within hours of the initial contact rather than a few days.


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