Attaching files to records is a powerful way to collaborate and stay organized in Salesforce. You keep information on an opportunity, account, or case right where you need it. Share relevant documents with anyone with access to the record.


Available in: Salesforce Classic (not available in all orgs) and Lightning Experience
Available in: Group, Professional,Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions
To attach files to records: Read


Edit on the object

You can attach files—such as Microsoft® Office documents, Adobe® PDFs, images, and videos—to most Salesforce records. Add files using the Files related list.

NOTE If you don’t see the Files related list on a record, ask your admin to add it to the page layout for that record type.

To attach files to records:

  • In Lightning Experience, drag files directly onto the Files related list or click Upload Files. To add Salesforce files, click Add Files in the related list’s menu.
  • In Salesforce Classic, click Upload File in the Files related list.
NOTE In Salesforce Classic, files uploaded to Notes & Attachments are either Salesforce Files or attachments, depending on how your org’s preferences are set. Files uploaded to the Files related list always become Salesforce Files, whether in Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic.

Drag and drop works with Files and Attachments related lists, but in Lightning Experience only. You can drag multiple files, but not a folder. You can’t drag files onto read only related lists.

A file’s File Privacy on Records setting influences its visibility on a record. If you’re aware that a file is attached to a record, but you don’t see the file, ask the file owner to adjust this setting.


  • In Salesforce Classic, the size limit for a file attached directly to the related list is 25 MB. This limit includes a file attached to a solution. In Lightning Experience, the size limit for a file attached directly to the related list is 2 GB.
  • The file size limit for Chatter feed attachments is 2 GB.
  • The size limit for an email message, including attachments, is 25 MB.
  • If the Don’t allow HTML uploads as attachments or document records security setting is enabled for your organization, you cannot upload files with the following file extensions: .htm, .html, .htt, .htx, .mhtm, .mhtml,.shtm, .shtml, .acgi, .svg.