Accounting and Commissions

Commissions Tracking!

Finally track all the commissions you earned! No more spreadsheets that are outdated and cumbersome. With this fully integrated system, you never have to track commissions separately again.  A new business opportunity turns into a client and sold policies are easily added under the clients. Now you have everything you need to pull reports to track paid and unpaid commissions!

Clients and Policies

Your account managers can add new policies under each client and archive old ones so you have a history of commissions paid year after year. Never lose track of a client or policy again so you can reconcile your commissions against payments and internal Accounting systems.

Multiple Producers

If you have an Agency with multiple producers, managing their split of commissions can be tedious and riddled with errors. Our system allows you to designate each Producer’s commission split and then automatically calculates their amount based on the total amount of commissions entered for each policy.

Posting verses Payment of Commissions

Designating a cut off for paying Producers each pay period may not sync with the receipt of commissions. Because of the potential delay in payment of commissions, it is imperative to tracking the payment of commissions not just the posting of commissions. Our system allows you to designate which commissions have been posted but not paid and reports are available to make sure you are paying your Producers their much deserved commissions.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

While our system allows you to create your own custom reports, we also provide you with two very important commission report templates for tracking and accounting reconciliation.  It is as important to track missing commissions as it is to track paid commissions. Our enhances reports allow you to pull monthly accounting details that show active policies without any commissions posted. This will help you determine if a client has paid their premium late or if there are issues with receiving commissions.

In addition, we also provide an enhanced Accounting report to easily reconcile your bank statements with the posted commissions report in Salesforce. Close out your monthly books easily and catch errors early!

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