Agency Management Software Implementation

So, you’ve been thinking about making the leap to new agency management software. And you’re probably wondering, what does that transition look like and how long does it take?

As a broker-founded company, we understand that navigating these changes is a big deal. Your team is busy and even if it’s comparatively quiet at the moment, open enrollment is fast approaching. If you’re ready to make a change in 2021, the time to purchase and implement new software is now.

To help you better understand the timing and process, we’re breaking down the different steps of agency management software implementation. And, we’ll walk through how we support you during the transition from your legacy system to the Benelinx platform.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. Get started today and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when the busy season hits.

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Step 1: New Client Onboarding

The first step in agency management software implementation is to complete client onboarding. At Benelinx, our standard new client onboarding includes data migration, system administration setup, communications integration and configuring any unique customizations.

Data Migration
Data migration, the process of transferring your book of business into the Benelinx platform, is the most critical step in implementation. Whether you’re transitioning from Excel spreadsheets or another AMS, we’ll help ensure that data migration is error-free and painless.

  • Review your current data structure
  • Determine export capabilities and configurations from your legacy system
  • Establish mapping configurations
  • Test data imports in Sandbox
  • Complete final import of data into Benelinx

System Set Up
To get you started in the Benelinx platform, we’ll walk you through how to set up your company profile, as well as your individual user permissions and profiles.

  • Launch Benelinx Set Up application
  • Implement CONGA Composer in your Benelinx application
  • Set up general Company profile and settings
  • Set up User permissions and profiles

Communications Integrations
A big upside of Benelinx is that it integrates seamlessly with your email, calendar and other external systems to make scheduling and client communications a breeze. We’ll ensure everything is hooked up properly so your Benelinx account functions as a hub for all of your systems.

  • Connect your email (Outlook or Gmail) to your Benelinx account
  • Sync your calendar and events
  • Connect any other external systems

Standard Customizations
Benelinx is completely customizable depending on your needs and goals. This flexibility means we can optimize the platform for you today and grow with you in the future. We’ll set up any customizations you need, help you upload brand and client assets, and create paths and workflows designed specifically for you.

  • Build any customizations to get you set up.
  • Upload your Agency and client logos for client ready proposals and benefits booklets
  • Customize CONGA templates (Benefits Booklets and Market Proposals) with unique graphics, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Create and organize custom reports and dashboards, determine dashboard visibility by user profile and permission.
  • Create any general workflows or paths specific to your Agency’s unique service model

Step 2: User Training

We offer interactive training modules tailored to your specific needs. From agency management software implementation to Salesforce basics and advanced workflow creation, we’ll teach you how to get the most out of the platform.

Plus, you’ll get access to our ongoing webinar series. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest features, answer your most pressing questions, provide platform demos and more.

Standard User Training
We’ll guide you through a personalized setup that includes Salesforce 101 and tutorials on how to customize your application for each user.

Benelinx Core Package Training
Learn how to organize and manage your data within the Benelinx platform, including Accounts, Contacts, Policies and Services. We’ll also share how to track your work and processes from Paths, Deals and Actions to Client Communications.

Benelinx Performance Package Training
We’ll teach you how to build a workflow that goes from Quote to Sold to Renewal. We’ll also provide tutorials on new Benelinx features.

System Administrator Training
This course covers administrative tools & setup, from User Settings to Object Manager Actions to Admin features like the Commissions Module and Conga Composer (Performance Package only).

Ongoing Education
Webinars, feature spotlights, FAQs & more

Step 3: Ongoing Technical Support

Sometimes you just want to talk to an actual person. We provide personalized support for everything from standard user questions to advanced workflow buildout and technical support.

Unlimited Support Cases
Tiered support with case escalation ranging from Levels 1-4

Benelinx Knowledge Base
Additional technical resources available 24×7 on our website

Have more questions about implementation? Download our Implementation Services One-Pager for a convenient summary of our implementation and support services or schedule your free demo and we’ll create a customized plan to get you working faster and smarter in no time.

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