Agency Management Systems: Bigger Isn't Always Better

Something we hear a lot from full-service agencies is that they are looking for a single agency management system (AMS) to manage both Commercial Insurance and Employee Benefits. On the surface, this logic makes sense. Why wouldn’t you want to keep things simple? However, once you take a closer look, it becomes clear that using a single system to manage an entire enterprise can cause more problems than it solves.

Without effective tools to manage their book of business, Benefits divisions can suffer from reduced productivity, low morale and high turnover rates. These employees perceive the AMS as just another system to update, another task on their long to-do list that isn’t improving their workflow or reducing their task burden.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

As a former broker and agency owner, our founder Rachel Zeman knows firsthand the challenges faced by Employee Benefits brokers. She understands that Benefits divisions of these full-service agencies are often second in line to Commercial Insurance, mostly due to the lower revenue traditionally generated by this department.

“I’ve heard people say over and over that they have to deal with the agency-wide Commercial Insurance system rather than use an Employee Benefits system built specifically for them,” said Rachel Zeman, Benelinx founder. “This makes them feel less valued by the organization. If agencies want the Benefits division to become as profitable as Commercial Insurance, they need to provide employees with the resources to succeed.”

The Truth about AMS and Data Management

The real question is, why do full-service agencies believe they need a single system? Often, the answer is data consolidation. Agencies believe that they will streamline data management by using a large AMS that claims to offer a one-size-fits-all solution. In our experience, this simply isn’t the case.

Large agency management systems routinely purchase additional software solutions, which they rebrand and then resell to you, the client, as a single platform. You may think you’ve purchased one system, but you’re likely using multiple internal systems packaged under the same brand name. Even if you don’t know it, you’re paying for these multiple systems with your time and money.

Big agency management systems typically also charge you for their internal integrations so they can transfer your data between platforms. Plus, these integrations can be far from seamless. One issue we’ve heard repeatedly is that not all data accurately syncs between various platform components, leaving you with the manual data entry you hoped to avoid in the first place.

A Truly Integrated Solution

An AMS should make your life easier, not harder. When it comes to integrations, Benelinx is unmatched in the Employee Benefits industry.

Benelinx can transfer data to thousands of other applications through the Salesforce AppExchange including many if not all existing solutions. We can also build a custom API connection to your agency’s organization-wide AMS to ensure your data flows between systems and eliminate the need for duplicate data entry.

Benelinx Delivers Increased ROI

Another justification for purchasing a single AMS is pricing. Full-service agencies tend to assume that by purchasing a single organization-wide solution, they will keep costs down.

At Benelinx, our end goal is to help you grow your business. When it comes to pricing, we can guarantee that Benelinx costs less per utilization (price per user per improved productivity) than competitors. Check out our ROI calculator to determine how much Benelinx will cost you and how much new business you’ll need to land to make a profit.

The cost of the platform is only one piece of the equation. Unlike other solutions on the market, Benelinx provides an AMS, CRM and CPQ bundled into a single platform that’s designed for Employee Benefits. Just as important, it offers the necessary integrations to work in harmony with any agency’s existing systems. These capabilities deliver increased productivity, a more efficient workflow, and most importantly, a happier team. Empowered with the tools to succeed, the Benefits division can soon be leading the charge at your agency.

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