Most frequent questions and answers

Boiled down to its essence, what is Benelinx?

Benelinx is bundled employee benefits software that connects the dots, by combining all essential systems you work with everyday into a single, automated, intuitive platform.

Do I need a Salesforce license to use Benelinx?

No. Users will be purchasing licenses from Benelinx for the OEM package. If you are an ISV customer, you will need to have an existing Salesforce license/user.

What level Salesforce license do I need for Benelinx?

Users will need a full Salesforce license to effectively use the app.

How can I most economically add Benelinx users who are not already Salesforce users?

You will need to request additional user licenses from Benelinx.

Can I run reports and generate dashboards on Benelinx information within Salesforce?

Yes. Benelinx objects are completely reportable and custom dashboards can be created.

Does Benelinx integrate with other Salesforce Apps?

Yes. It works with Conga.

How does the Quoting Engine really work?

Benelinx gets real-time carrier data from Vericred, an insuretech company that operates as a data translation layer between the insurance carriers and Benelinx. Up-to-date carrier plan details are imported into the Benelinx software daily. Small group rates, age banded or composite, are pulled into the Benelinx system during the actual quoting process.

How does the Client Community Portal function?

The Client Community Self-Service Portal allows clients to access any file saved within your Salesforce system under that Client Account. You will determine which objects, fields and files your clients can view from their own self-service portal. This may include contracts, policies, carrier renewal packets, historical and current market proposal, and other documents that you deem relevant.

Can I add my own logos, fonts, colors and formatting to client-facing materials?

Yes. Benelinx software allows for a wide range of customization, so your PDF documents and other materials look unique, and great.

What happens to all of my current paper files and Excel spreadsheets?

Your client data will need to be added to the Benelinx system. With data mapping and mass import capabilities, we can upload your electronic files all at once.

What type of support do you offer to help me and my staff install the software and get this running?

Onboarding is critical to a successful implementation of the Benelinx software. With the additional purchase of the Premium Onboarding (Onboarding PLUS) package, we support you from the initial stages of set up to configurations to in-depth training on each module. Your onboarding specialist will walk you through detailed project timelines, tasks and checklists as well as online tutorials, webinars and tour videos. This personalized support will be supplemented with online videos, tutorials and community resources.

How was Benelinx developed?

Benelinx is the brainchild of Rachel Zeman, who ran a wildly successful employee benefits agency in Colorado for nearly two decades. Her “secret sauce” was her incredible efficiency, made possible by the customization of the Salesform platform she developed. She is now bringing that software to the market for other brokers and agencies to use.

Software often promises to be a ”game changer” but can Benelinx really back that up?

Yes. We have conducted case studies that clearly demonstrated 20x greater efficiency when the exact same files were processed by traditional methods vs. within Benelinx.