Stewardship Reports: Prove Your Value

Benelinx Stewardship Dashboard

What Have You Done For Me Lately? What have you done for me lately? This is a question every benefits broker should be prepared to answer. While open enrollment is certainly a peak activity period for your clients, you know that your work doesn’t end there. Are your clients aware of the value you’re providing […]

Software to Revolutionize the Benefits Experience

software to revolutionize the benefits experience

Digital adoption in the insurance industry has reached a tipping point. The numbers don’t lie – high digital adopting agencies achieve 60% higher revenue growth than their less digital counterparts. The right digital tools can skyrocket productivity, improve customer service and free up your team’s valuable time. The future is now with Benelinx, brilliantly bundled […]

How To Digitally Transform Your Agency

Digitally Transform Your Agency

The digital age for the Employee Benefits industry is here to stay. Whether you’re an established Agency or just starting out, embracing a digital transformation can mean big opportunities for growth and success. But digital transformation isn’t just about jumping on the latest technology bandwagon. It’s about taking a deep and honest look at your […]

Open Enrollment Strategies

open enrollment strategies

Are You Ready for Open Enrollment? As we gear up for open enrollment, are you confident that your Agency is ready? It’s time for a new strategy to tackle renewal season, one that embraces the digital transformation that’s sweeping the insurance industry. There’s no doubt about it, the right technology can help you increase sales, […]

Salesforce Data Management 101

Salesforce Data Management 101

We get a lot of questions about data management. And it makes sense—your data contains your agency’s entire book of business. Keeping data clean, organized, up-to-date and accessible is absolutely critical to your success. In fact, providing Employee Benefits agencies with a superior database is one of the reasons we created Benelinx. Over and over […]

Agency Management Systems: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When It Comes to Agency Management, Bigger Isn't Always Better

Something we hear a lot from full-service agencies is that they are looking for a single agency management system (AMS) to manage both Commercial Insurance and Employee Benefits. On the surface, this logic makes sense. Why wouldn’t you want to keep things simple? However, once you take a closer look, it becomes clear that using […]

Agency Management Software Implementation From A to Z

Agency Management Software Implementation

So, you’ve been thinking about making the leap to new agency management software. And you’re probably wondering, what does that transition look like and how long does it take? As a broker-founded company, we understand that navigating these changes is a big deal. Your team is busy and even if it’s comparatively quiet at the […]

eBook: Build A NextGen Agency

eBook: Build A Next Gen Agency

Ignite A Digital Transformation An analysis by Willis Towers Watson reveals that 96 percent of employers value brokers who can offer innovative solutions. To stay ahead of the curve, benefits agencies are adapting a “NextGen” approach by embracing digital tools that interact seamlessly and are accessible remotely. The right technology can streamline agency management and help brokers […]

Impress CFOs with Enhanced Data Modeling

Impress CFOs with Enhanced Data Modeling

We’ve made some big changes to Benelinx, our agency management solution, to help you deliver value to your clients through more accurate projections and final enrollment reporting. While we’ve made improvements throughout the platform, there’s one update we believe is especially critical for brokers—enhanced data modeling. You can now assign plans and policies at the […]

GUIDE: Choosing the Right Agency Management System

Selecting an Agency Management System (AMS) is a big decision, but for many benefits brokers it’s well worth the effort. There’s no doubt that the insurance industry is in the midst of a digital transformation, and the right technology can help your agency stay ahead of the curve. In the long run, a well-suited AMS […]