General Navigation

Welcome to the Benelinx General Navigation Series, where we’ll walk you through the general landscape of the platform and cover the following topics:
  1. App Launcher – Access the applications included in your Benelinx license.
  2. Objects – Learn how data and content is organized within Benelinx.
  3. List Views – See how information is categorized under each Object and how to create your own List View.
  4. Editing & Buttons – Learn how to edit fields or delete a record, and how to use Custom Buttons under each Object.
  5. Page Layouts – Understand Page Layouts across Objects.
  6. Favorites – Use Favorites to access key information quickly.

App Launcher

See this article.


Objects are different ways of organizing data and can be found in the Navigation Bar. Each item in the Navigation Bar is a different Object, such as Dashboards, Reports, Accounts, Deals, Plans and more. All Objects are connected within the Benelinx platform. When you click on a particular Object such as Accounts, you’ll enter a record that organizes your data by Accounts. All hyperlinked data is blue. If you click on a hyperlinked field, you will navigate to that item. For example, if you click on a particular contact, you’ll automatically be directed to that contact’s record under the Contacts Object. To access a different Object, simply click on it from the Navigation Bar.

List Views

Any time you click on an Object, you’ll see your List View in the upper righthand corner, below the Navigation Bar. Different List Views are available for your use. Your default List View under each Object is always set to Recently Viewed. To change your List View, click the down arrow next to Recently Viewed and select your desired List View from the dropdown menu. To select a new default List View, click on the pin icon to the right of the List View. Now, it will always appear under that particular Object. Your Benelinx platform contains preset List Views such as Carrier Accounts, Business Accounts and Individual Policy Accounts. You can also create your own custom List Views. Click the gear icon located directly to the right of your Search Bar to access List View Controls dropdown menu. From within that menu you can create a new List View, Clone an existing List View, Rename a List View and more. To create a new List View we recommend using the Clone command to duplicate a similar List View. Navigate to the List View you’d like to Clone, then click the Clone command. You can then name your new List View and select sharing settings. Once your new List View is saved, you can adjust the Filters to edit your List View as needed. Click the Save button on the right hand side of the screen to save changes to your List View. To change fields within your List View, click on the Fields to Display button and select your desired fields from the dropdown menu.

Editing & Custom Buttons

Within each Object, you can find Custom Buttons specifically made for that Object on the right hand side of your screen, directly below the Navigation Bar. Please note that Custom Buttons are different for each Object. To access Editing Buttons such as Edit, Delete, or Change Record Type, click the down arrow located to the right of the Custom Buttons.

Page Layouts

The general Page Layout is consistent across all Objects. When you navigate to a Record under an Object, each record will contain the same Details, regardless of where you access it. Under each Record, you can navigate to Related, which will show all Related Lists for that specific record, such as Policies, Client Services, Deals, and Proposals. Every Object contains a section to add Files under the Related button, enabling you to easily upload and organize relevant files by Object.


Favorites allow you to save key information and quickly navigate to it from within the Benelinx platform. Access Favorites on the right hand side of your screen, directly to the right of your Search Bar. To save a new Favorite, navigate to the page you would like to bookmark then click on the star button. To navigate to Favorites, click on the down arrow next to the star button and select your desired item from the dropdown menu. To delete a Favorite, click on the down arrow then select Edit Favorites in the dropdown menu. Click the X button next to the item you’d like to delete, then click Done.