Release Notes – 8/15/2022 (V1.104)

Version 1.104 – August 15, 2022


New Commission Disclosure Object

New Commission Disclosure Object created for assigning Carrier Commission Values to Policies. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

New Plan Mapping Fields

New fields added to the Plan Mapping object to display relevant information without having to switch pages. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

New Service Payout Fields

New fields added to the Payout object for displaying Service information. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)


New Fee Payout Change

The Fee Payout object now includes a field for recording the Date a Fee is posted.

New Contract Length Option The Contract Length field on the Policy object now has a “Custom Expiration Date” option for setting the new Custom Expiration Date field.

New Policy Field Changes

The Policy object now has a field for selecting the Funding Type. The Medical Rating Method field has been renamed as Rating Method.

Help Menu Change

The Help Menu has changed to reflect Vericred’s name change to Ideon. This will not affect any services or coverage.

New Account Field Changes

New Renewal Month field added. New Account DBA field added. New Lead Source field added. New Industry field added. Both New Hire Eligibility and Payroll Cycle now have an ‘Unknown’ option.

New Deal Field Changes

The Deal Stage field now has ‘Closed – Won’ and ‘Closed – Lost’ options, instead of just ‘Closed.’


Employee Policies will only be created for Group Policies for Medical, Dental, and Vision Policies

The Total Employee Count will now update accurately when a Location Account is deleted

Removed several deprecated fields