Release Notes – 1/26/2021 (v1.73.1)

Version 1.73.1 – January 26, 2021


Assign Plans

Located on the Proposal Object, this new feature allows the user to assign specific Proposed Plans at the individual member level.  This feature allows you to specify a Mapped Plan and up to 12 Alternative Multiplan Models for each Participant in the Proposal. (PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

Assign Policies

Located on the Account Object, under the Business Client (MA) Record Type, this new feature allows users to designate final enrollment elections of In-Force Policies for each Active Employee.  This feature includes an embedded new reporting tool for exporting all Active Employees with their assigned Policy, and their tiered coverage elections for medical, dental and vision policy types. The report also includes member specific elected premiums, employer contribution values, employee contribution values and employee payroll deduction information. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

Horizontal Market Proposal Templates

We doubled the number of market proposal templates (from 2 to 4) included in our solution. Our new Horizontal templates offer a comprehensive analysis of current, renewal and alternative market recommendations. Complex proposal for complex strategies! Available in Age Banded and Composite layouts. (PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

Expanded Benefits Booklets

New and improved benefits booklets! We doubled the number of standard templates you receive with our licenses. A new template for Age Banded Medical policies and one for Composite Medical policies. (PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

Buy-Up Contribution

Enhanced contribution modeling. The new Buy Up feature allows users to designate “Base” plans for multi plan contribution calculations for medical, dental and vision policy types. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

Enhanced Table Rates A new custom Object!

For Age Banded Medical policies,  you can now view all the data for Employer contribution, Employee contribution and Payroll calculations in a Table Rate format.  (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

Commission Tracking Enhancements

Now you can assign Broker/Producer commissions by Deal, to customize commissions unique for a specific Proposal. Automatically updates commissions at the policy level. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)


Enhanced Contribution Details

Quickly see your Contribution amounts for each product line on the Proposal and Policy layouts, as well as Designated Base Plan names. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

Mapped Plan Selection (Get Quote)

Designate your Mapped Plans on the final page of the Get Quote UI with a click of a button. (PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

Enhanced Mark Deal As Sold UI

Easily review Contribution Details as well as enhanced Plan Details when Marking Deals as Sold in an expanded, much more comfortable view. (PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

Automated County Matching (Census)

The Census uploader will now make suggestions for counties if they are absent on the census file. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

Improved currency formatting across all components


Proposed Plan Participants will now be created for custom Composite Proposed Plans (for each Active Employee)


Employee Policies will now be created for custom Policies  (for each Active Employee)


New fields on the Policy for Assigning Broker/ Producer commissions at the Policy Level

If these fields are blank, Commissions will be calculated using values found on the Broker. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)


Load more on the Get Quote UI – Resolved issue where some screen resolutions prevented more plans from loading in the Get Quote UI.

Improved formatting in Get Quote UI for long Plan and Carrier names.

Resolved issues with Census Upload erroring when some data entries were missing.

Policies now accurately carry over the Contribution Strategies of Proposed Plans and will calculate all contributions, including Employee Policies, on creation.


Update Contributions will no longer work properly if a Policy or any other Policy on that Account is not assigned a Plan.