Release Notes – 12/9/2022 (1.107)

Version 1.107 – December 9, 2022


Send Plans to and from Ease

Plans from a linked Ease account can now be imported into Benelinx! (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

Fourth Broker Commission Split

A fourth Broker field is now available on the Deal, Policy, and Service objects for calculating commission splits. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

New Service Fields

New fields added to the Service object for better recording commission information. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)


Plan Id Added to Get Quote

Eligible Medical Plans now show the Plan Id when running a quote using the Get Quote button. (PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

New Account Renewal Month Options
The Account object now has a Renewal Month Multi-Select field for accounts with multiple renewal months.

New Policy Field Changes

The Policy object now has a field for selecting the Funding Type. The Medical Rating Method field has been renamed as Rating Method.

Help Menu Change

The Help Menu has changed to reflect Vericred’s name change to Ideon. This will not affect any services or coverage.

New Account Field

New Renewal Month field added. New Account DBA field added. New Lead Source field added. New Industry field added. Both New Hire Eligibility and Payroll Cycle now have an ‘Unknown’ option.

New Location Account Display

Business Client accounts will now display the associated Location account records under a related list.

New Policy Fields

The Rate field on the Policy object has been renamed to Life/Disability Rate. A new field for AD&D Rate has also been added.


Fixed issue where Contribution Strategy wouldn’t update rates correctly