Release Notes – 12/1/2023 (1.120)

Version 1.120 – December 1, 2023


New Account Fields

The new fields for tracking client terminations. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

New Eligibility Automation

Setting the Primary Eligibility checkbox on an Eligibility record updates the associated Account record to match. The Default Eligibility picklist has been added to automatically link the eligibility record with in force policies of the selected type(s). (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)


Renew Policy

The Renew Policy button has been relabeled to Renew/Clone Policy. Now it is possible to clone a record without marking it as a renewal of the original policy.

New Contact Sorting Option
It is now possibly to filter Contact list views by the Carrier List field, which lists all carriers that contact has an in force medical policy with.