Release Notes – 9/28/2023 (1.118)

Version 1.118 – September 28, 2023


Renew Policy Button

The new Renew Policy button has been added to the policy record page. Renewing a policy copies the original policy information over, while creating a link between the original and new renewal policy. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

New Eligibility Object

This new object is connected to an account record for tracking different eligibility groups, and can be connected to multiple policies. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)


Estimate Commissions Button

The Total Employee and Total Monthly Premium fields are now displayed in the popup window. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

Multiple Broker Accounts

Creating a deal for an account with multiple brokers assigned will now copy over more than just the first Broker. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)