Release Notes – 7/25/2022 (V1.103.5)

Version 1.103.5 – July 25, 2022


New Plan Mappings UI

New ‘Manage Plan Mappings’ button on Proposal records for managing mappings between current In Force Policies to future Policies. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

New Mass Delete Payouts Option

There is now the option of a new List View button for Mass Deleting groups of Payout Records without the 100 record limit. Contact us today to get this button set up in your org. (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)

Service Commissions

Our Commissions Application now includes new and improved functionality for tracking the commissions for services you provide your clients! (CORE AND PERFORMANCE PACKAGE FEATURE)


Commission Entry Search Options

Searching for Policies in the Commission Entry tab now displays the Policy Expiration Date of each policy in the results.

Mobile Access
Records in the Benelinx Application can now be viewed on mobile.

Commission Mapping Date Format

New Date formats added when creating Commission Mappings


Commission Payout Issues – Resolved issue where no record for Agency is created when logging a new Payout

Payout Account Field Blank – Resolved Issue where manually logging Payouts doesn’t autofill the Account field

Removed several deprecated fields